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Shortcodes provide you the most efficient way to show the desired data. Dozent LMS comes with a bunch of shortcodes including Courses List, Author Meta, Course Excerpt, Course Title, etc. Shortcodes are useful when you use a classic page editor or any shortcode supported page builder. Below a list of all shortcodes supported by Dozent LMS.

Courses List

A quick way to displays a list of courses. A huge parameter is available to filter & customize the output. Comes with the list and grid layout. Details documented below.

Here is a shortcode to show courses with all available parameters. Add/Remove/Change the parameter value as per your needs.

[courses s="search-keyword" include_ids="10,11,12" exclude_ids="15,16" category_in="210,211" per_page="6" layout="grid" col="4"]

Sample preview of [courses] shortcode output

Dozent LMS courses list shortcode preview

Course list Shortcode [courses] available parameters.

Attribute NameDescription
sShow courses based on a keyword search
include_idsSpecify courses to retrieve. use single or comma (,) separated courses ids
ex. [courses include_ids="10,11,12"]
exclude_idsSpecify courses NOT to retrieve, use single or comma (,) separated courses ids
category_inCourse category ID or comma separated multiple course category ids
per_pagenumber of courses to show.
layoutgrid or list
colNumber of courses you would like to show per row. Supports 1 to 6
orderbySort retrieved courses by parameter. Defaults ID .

Available parameter

‘none‘ – No order
‘ID‘ – Order by post id. Note the capitalization.
‘title‘ – Order by title.
‘name‘ – Order by post name (post slug).
‘date‘ – Order by date.
‘modified‘ – Order by last modified date.
‘rand‘ – Random order.
orderDesignates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby‘ parameter. Defaults to ‘DESC’
Courses List shortcode available parameters

Looking for Gutenberg Block for show the courses? Check our Course Block https://www.dozentlms.com/docs/general/blocks/

It will work exactly like the course shortcode.

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