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Add a course to your wishlist

Found a course on Dozent LMS that you would like to be enrolled in later? Don’t worry. Simply add it to your wishlist to find the course easily in the future. If you are wondering how do I add items to the wishlist, here’s the way

Go to Courses and browse through all the courses listed there.

Dozent LMS Courses

Whichever course grabs your attention, click on it. That will take you to the details page of the course.

There, underneath the course name and the short description, you will find Add to wishlist. Click on it and the course will be added to your wishlist.

Later, when you want to find the course you added to your wishlist, you can find all from Dashboard > Wishlist

Dozent LMS dashboard

The steps are pretty easy if the website is having a Courses page and quite honestly, all the eLearning websites have one. But in case if you don’t find such a page, look for other places where all the courses are presented or contact the site administrator to create such a page.

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