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The Enrollments addon lets you see who enrolled in a particular course. This addon is developed to give you the freedom to accomplish certain things. For instance, if you want to see the total number of enrolled students in all your courses with all the student details, you can get them in one place. You can also have the option to enroll students manually from your WP Admin dashboard. All these make the student enrollment and tracking process much easier. We have developed this addon to weaponize you with student data, so you can take actions such as updating the course, updating the curriculum, or otherwise make it more engaging, based on those data. You may get this addon with two others, by purchasing the Pro version of Dozent LMS. If you want to know how you can install Dozent LMS Pro, click here.

When you turn Enrollments on, it will add a tab to your Dozent LMS dashboard in WP Admin.

Enrollments addon Dozent LMS

Click on Enrollments to get the option of manually enrolling students from the dashboard.

Enroll students manually on Dozent LMS

On the Enroll Students page, you can search for a student from the dropdown field and select a course for the student.

Enroll now on Dozent LMS

After the selections are complete, hit Enroll Now and the student will be enrolled in that particular course.

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