How to enroll more students in your online LMS course

How to get more students for your online LMS course

Students are the heart of any online LMS course. No matter how supreme your courses are; if you can’t get enough students to enroll into those courses, everything will go in vain. Reaching out to prospective students after developing an online LMS course seems to be the hardest task. But this task can become easier if you use all the available channels. We will show you how.

Getting more students for your online LMS course

Develop interactive courses

Develop interactive online LMS course

Students these days want their courses to be interesting and interactive. If you develop a highly knowledgeable course but it doesn’t stir any interest among your students, the course won’t get the desired number of students. So make your courses engaging so that students can learn with fun. To make your courses more interactive –

  • Create differently-styled quizzes.
  • Use assignments and tests to check progress.
  • Create your content (both video and written) in a fun and understanding tone.
  • Use real-life cases to make students understand a certain topic.
  • Break the entire course into different phases and offer certificates after completion of each phase.

Good to know: Dozent LMS comes with a powerful frontend course builder and a modern quiz builder to let you create your lectures and quizzes seamlessly.

Take advantage of SEO

SEO for online LMS courses

In the end, your course is just another piece of content on the internet. And like any other content, your course needs to be ranked on search engines too. The only way to do that is to develop an SEO-friendly course. Making a course SEO-friendly starts with keyword research. You have to know what your prospective students search for. You should use those keywords into your course title and course description. There are a couple of more ways in which you can make your course SEO-friendly. Covering all those ways in this article will be quite difficult. So we will develop a separate article to let you know of all the SEO techniques and tools.

Perform competitor analysis and deploy the best marketing strategy

Competitor analysis for your eLearning business

Do you know who your competitors are? Do you know what they are doing? Do you know if your prices are justified? You need to know the answers of all these questions to get a competitive edge over the others. For these you need to do some research and then develop an all-out marketing strategy. While you are following these strategies, you have to continue doing your market research and competitor analysis so that you don’t deviate from your course of action and perform the necessary adjustments.

Offer free courses

Offer free courses

One of the best ways to promote your online LMS courses is to offer courses free. You can create short, supplementary courses to offer as freebies to enroll students. These students, if satisfied, would recommend your course to their friends, colleagues, and peers.

Offer affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing for online LMS courses

In an affiliate program, your affiliates promote your online LMS courses and deliver you students in exchange for a commission. For many reasons these programs have gained so much popularity. It is a way in which both the affiliates and the partners get benefited. Unlike other marketing channels, you don’t need to spend anything before you get the result. For example, if you offer affiliate commissions for student enrollment, affiliates won’t get any commission until they enroll students to your course. 

Engage instructors in promotion

Promotion of online LMS course by instructors

Another good way to promote your online LMS curses is to involve your instructors in the promotional activities. Today, we all have our own social networks. When they get engaged and post updates about the course, more and more people will get to know about it. You can offer special discounts and giveaways to whoever enrolls from their network. You can also offer a certain percentage of commission to your instructors if they get a student to enroll into courses.

Be active on social media

Social media marketing for online LMS course

The entire world is on social media now. There is no better platform than social media to promote your online LMS courses. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, post updates and promotional activities. Use hashtags, post free content, and run paid campaigns to take your course in front of your prospects’ eyes. Go through this blog to know how you can leverage the power of social media for your online LMS courses.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Customers are likely to follow their influencer’s recommendations due to their passion, authenticity, expertise, and experience. Generally,online LMS course creators target young audiences who in turn follow influencers for recommendations. There’s a high chance that your brand will receive success through influencer marketing. They also charge much less than big celebrities and public figures, so it’s a win-win situation for both ends.

How Dozent LMS can help you achieve this goal

Dozent LMS homepage

Dozent LMS is a comprehensive plugin through which you can create a full-fledged eLearning platform. The powerful frontend course builder lets you create professional courses with unlimited lectures and quizzes. You can add multiple instructors to take the same course. Seamless WooCommerce and EDD integration lets you monetize your courses and our free certificate builder offers your students stunningly designed certificates after completion of their courses. Read this blog to get a deeper insight on how Dozent LMS can assist you in getting more students for your eLearning business.

Wrapping Up

As we have said earlier, students are the nucleus for all your online LMS courses. You need to put all your efforts to collect students and use every available channel to be in front of their eyes. Use these tips to take your courses to your prospective students. Share with us which of these tips got you the best result and how you have solved your issues. Also let us know of any tactic that you used to get more students so that we can help others.

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