How to promote courses on social media

How to promote courses on social media

For every online course creator, knowing how to promote courses on social media is a must. With the growing surge of social media worldwide, it has now become the biggest source of leads for any business. For this reason, all the top course creators have an active social media presence. If you can create a strategic plan on leveraging social media to your advantage, you too can reap the benefits for your eLearning business. Here are some killer tips for you to use social media to your advantage.

How to promote courses on social media

Have an active presence across all social platforms

Most of the time it is seen that course creators maintain accounts on one single social platform. And that too is visited infrequently. But that’s a bad idea. If you are an eLearning course creator, you need to connect with the people you want to help with your courses. So have an active presence on all the social platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage with your audience.

Post daily tips

People are always on social media. They are scrolling through posts and videos all the time. If you post daily tips on social media, it will help them to solve a common problem. When this will happen one or two times, they will then actively look for your tips on a daily basis. In this way your follower base will grow and they will be more inclined to take a course when you offer them.

Create a group

A great way to provide your potential clients with a more private discussion option is creating a social media group.You can also build a loyal follower group by inviting page visitors to join your group for special tips and tricks. If you offer special promotions and giveaways, it will entice them further to join your group. And these group members are more likely to enroll in your course.

Ask questions to start a conversation

An inactive group is more detrimental to your business than having no group. You have to make them interact with you and with one another. A good way to do that is asking questions. Questions lead to conversations which in turn may lead to your scope of showing your eLearning expertise. So post a compelling question at regular intervals and encourage people to leave a comment and reply. But don’t forget to be watchful while they do so because needs may arise when you have to moderate the comments.

Create a poll

Another superb way to engage your audience is by creating a poll. You may be planning to launch a new course. But you are confused about the topics to be covered in the course. Make a list of the possible topics and create a social media poll to take public opinion. It will serve two purposes together. Polls are proven to create the most engagement among the members. And you can also decide on the topics you should include in your course based on public opinion.

Host a live event

The next on our list of how to promote courses on social media is live events. These events are an effective way to communicate with your audience. People can join in a one-to-one session with you and ask questions to know about your courses and company. Arrange events at a regular interval on different topics to engage your audience with your business.

Free giveaways

People always love free products and giveaways. Host a giveaway and tell your audience to share it with their network. You can also make it a part of the entry process. And make sure that you are selecting a prize which is smart enough to instigate people to spread the news and create excitement.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that you need to exploit social media platforms to generate leads for your eLearning business. That’s why knowing how to promote courses on social media is very much essential. Only a strong and interactive presence on these platforms can ensure that your courses are getting the maximum exposure as it should.

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