How to start your online education platform in the post-COVID era

How to start an online education platform

There is not a single sector in the world that was not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. And the most hit was taken arguably by the education sector. All the educational institutions were forced to shut down due to the massive spread of coronavirus. With the emergence of vaccines, some sectors of the world, such as trade and business, economy and banking, health sector, are continuing their regular operations under special caution. But the education sector around the world is far from reopening very soon. This phenomenon has led to the adoption of online learning more than ever. Online education platforms have seen a steep surge in their enrollment history in recent years.

A CNBC report from March, 2020 showed that online education giant BYJU’S has experienced a 150% increase in the number of new students in March alone.

On the other hand, China-based K-12 course provider GSX reported a 331.7% year-on-year increase in the number of paid students enrolled in the second quarter of 2020.

Under the current circumstances, it’s evident that the world has to embrace online courses in every phase to impart education to the students. In other words, the online education sector has a tremendous business opportunity right now. And this is probably the only business in which you can earn revenues by contributing to the society at large.

How to start your own online education platform

Having an online education platform of your own is a demand of time. And honestly, it’s not that hard these days. You can start your own platform for free if you want. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Domain-hosting

The starting of your online education platform will be from buying a suitable domain for your venture and purchasing a stable hosting plan along with it. Sure you can skip spending money on these things but we recommend you to spend it because free domains and hosting plans won’t serve you well in the long run. Most importantly, you can manage to buy your domain-hosting for less than the regular price if you can buy these when they are on sale. No matter when you buy, you won’t need more than $40 to purchase these.

Step 2: Select a CMS platform

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software that you can use to create and modify digital content on your website. There is a long list of CMS platforms that you can use. Among all those, WordPress is by far the easiest CMS platform out there. Everything here is drag and drop. Anybody with little or no technical knowledge can create and manage a website on this platform. WordPress is equipped with all the tools you need for now and in future to take your business to another level. And above all, it’s free. That’s why we always recommend using WordPress as your CMS platform.

Step 3: Choose a comprehensive LMS plugin

An LMS plugin is a Learning Management System provider with which you can create a full-fledged online education platform. You may find thousands of such plugins for WordPress among which Dozent LMS, LearnDash, Lifter LMS, and LearnPress are some of the trusted names. At this point you might think it’s pretty obvious for us to take the name of our own product on the list of the best LMS solution providers, but please don’t. Because we’re going to tell you now, why hundreds of users have chosen Dozent LMS as their ultimate LMS solution.

  • Redefining learning experience – Dozent LMS is an enterprise level learning management system providing unmatched experience in learning with its awesome features like distraction-free learning, easy course enrollment, beautiful frontend dashboard, customized course search, personalized discussion with the instructor and so on.
  • Powerful frontend course builder – We have introduced a modern course builder which lets you create a fully professional course with as much ease as posting a social media status.
  • Secured video learning – Offer your students a new experience with video lectures and teaser trailers with our encrypted video feature. You can add videos from multiple sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, or HTML5.
  • Seamless eCommerce integration – We have integrated WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads so that you can sell courses online without any hassle. The easy product creation and automated payment processing keeps your revenue stream intact while you can focus on other issues.
  • Certification – We have developed a separate plugin – Dozent LMS Certificate – to enable you to offer certificates for each of your courses. You have the freedom to use this plugin even with the free version of Dozent LMS. And the fact that we are the only LMS solutions provider to offer such a feature, makes it our signature feature.
  • Addons – You can start your online education platform without spending a dime with Dozent LMS but just so you want to expand your business, we have developed addons to add more functionality to your courses. You can buy our Pro version to use those addons.

Step 4: Start creating courses and selling them online

When you have created your online education website on WordPress, now it’s time for you to create your course and sell it online. With Dozent LMS you can create unlimited courses with unlimited lectures, unlimited quiz, and unlimited number of instructors and students. In short, you can create an ultimate education platform with Dozent LMS. Read here to know more about our course creation process.

Closing Words

2021 has come up with new possibilities in the education sector. The time is perfect for initiating your own eLearning business. If you are planning to jump into this sector, we suggest you to stop wasting your time and get into action. Click now to buy Dozent LMS Pro at an incredible price. For any query regarding Dozent LMS or online education, contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

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