COVID-19, The Rise of eLearning and Dozent LMS Plugin

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world on many levels. All the countries around the world are facing economic hardship as well as political dilemmas due to this incident. And the most hit taken by any sector of any country is the education sector. Institutions are forced to shut down for an indefinite period of time. This ‘shut down’ event had negative impacts on multiple entities.

For one thing, school students, after a certain period of time, started having psychological issues. The institutions themselves were bearing heavy losses in terms of both money and reputation. Needless to mention, the instructors and teachers were feeling morally down since they couldn’t help their students. As there was no specific timeline when the educational institutions could open up and redeem their regular activities, a strong alternative was imminent. And the alternative came in the form of eLearning.

Not that eLearning was a completely new concept in the pre-COVID era, but the pandemic has made it more popular than ever. Educators and students are now leaning more towards learning on online platforms. And with this ever-growing popularity, newer and newer Learning Management Systems (LMS) are emerging in the market.

But the problem with these LMS is that no one offers an easy and complete solution. Some may contain great functionality but lack the ease of operation while some others may come with a shady security system. Taking all these issues into account and realizing the importance of a complete Learning Management System, we have launched our product in the market.

Hi there. We are the Dozent LMS, A WordPress LMS Plugin offering you the freedom to create, manage, and sell online courses without writing a single line of code. Yeah, you heard it right! Now you can have your own fully-functional WordPress eLearning website in minutes. We know what you are thinking right now (go ahead and call us wizards but you bet we know). You’re thinking, “Why to create yet another WP LMS plugin?” And no matter how hard the question might sound, our answer is all too simple – we wanted to create a solution that meets all your needs.

If you are being inquisitive about what special features (or any feature for that matter) will you get when you decide to use this plugin, here’s the answer:

  • Simple, elegant & organized dashboard – You don’t need to go to the complex backend for anything. The dashboard has it all for you.
  • Superior frontend course builder – The modern new course builder is one-of-a-kind in the industry that lets you build a course with no boundaries. The SPA-enabled curriculum builder lets you create the entire curriculum from one single place – no more redirect loop, no more flying.
  • WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download (EDD) integration – Sell your courses seamlessly with full control over the monetization system.
  • Course preview – Users can view the courses before enrollment to make an informed decision.
  • Ratings and reviews – The plugin comes with an integrated rating and review system to gain more trust from your potential students.
  • Developer Friendly system – The system is fully customizable so creating an entirely new LMS theme is just a meter away for the developers. With its expressive and elegant code, even a newbie developer can extend it further.
  • Scalability – With Dozent LMS, you don’t need to worry about the time when your user-base increases exponentially. The plugin is highly scalable to meet all your needs anytime.
  • Performance oriented LMS plugin – The plugin is designed to deliver high performance every time so you get the best value for your money.
  • Comes from the trusted team – Dozent LMS team know how to handle every complex situation in a simple way and know what’s needed to do exactly. So you can expect the best experience from every single feature. We’re giving everything to make it the leading LMS plugin within a year.

The list doesn’t end here at all. We have tons of other cool features in the ‘planning’ and ‘in-progress’ phases. For example, users will get features like certification, course expiration, and assignment submission by the end of March this year. And by the end of September, users will get a whole new Dozent LMS theme, zoom integration facility, native eCommerce solution, and advanced reporting feature among others.

The plugin is offered in two separate options – FREE and PAID. Our suggestion would be as follows-

  • If you are a solo educator looking for making some extra bucks or an education startup, install our free product. Make yourself comfortable around the plugin and start your venture.
  • If you need the premium features or if you are in the intermediate stage of business and now planning to expand it, get the premium version to unlock your full potential.

Note: With the Dozent LMS free version, 80% of instructors can easily run a full-featured online course platform. However, you can still buy the pro version and contribute to Dozent LMS to make it even better.

If you have any questions regarding the product, don’t hesitate to send us a message because we simply love solving problems. You can also send us your feedback and we guarantee you that it will be jotted down, analyzed, and acted upon.

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