5 Training and development challenges for employers

Training and development challenges for employers and ways to solve them

Companies and organizations are going through a gigantic makeover in terms of operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adopt or explore newer ways to keep things running. While ‘the new normal’ has opened up new horizons for businesses, it has also posed some great challenges. One such big hurdle is the training and development challenges faced by the employers.

Most companies put the highest priority in increasing the effectiveness of their training programs. Yet, with all the efforts, these programs might not work as effectively as they thought it would be. This is usually because of a few issues. If employers can identify and address these issues, they can surely multiply the effectiveness of their training programs.

Training and development challenges in workplace and their solutions

Challenge: Remote workforce

Due to the pandemic, companies are now forced to come out from their usual set up and maintain a remote workforce. This has created a completely new issue in training and development. Employees who were previously trained on-campus are not ‘on the campus’ anymore. That’s why necessity has emerged to develop a virtual training system.

Solution: Create your own online training platform with a comprehensive learning management system. The LMS solution providers such as Dozent LMS have everything employers need to build a complete employee-training platform. A training module is easy to develop with its powerful frontend course builder and employees can enjoy a distraction-free training session.

Challenge: Global operations

Companies who have extended their operations beyond their boundaries have to deal with demographic and cultural diversities. People from different countries think differently. They have different sets of preferences, different ways to act, and different standards of living. So if employers create a standard training module and want each of their employees to learn from it exactly the same way as they have planned, it won’t happen. So they need to develop specialized training programs suited to specific demographic needs.

Solution: With Dozent LMS, you can develop an unlimited number of courses. So you can create customized courses for different workforce in different countries and assign them with courses via an enrollment system.

Challenge: Employee engagement

In at number three of our list of training and development challenges is employee engagement. Training will only work if employees engage with it on cognitive, behavioral, and emotional levels. If your employees don’t connect to the training sessions, they won’t enjoy the benefits of it. So employers need to put a lot of efforts into making these sessions interactive so that their employees can make a good connection with it. You need to incorporate practical learning activities scenarios, role-plays and case studies to engage your learners actively. You also have to engage them in discussions so they relate with the content more effectively.

Solution: Dozent LMS has a discussion panel via which learners can communicate with the instructors to clarify any of their confusions. You can also create a private group for them on Facebook so they can discuss the things they are being taught between themselves.

Challenge: Difference in learning habits

Every human has a different learning habit by nature. You can’t alter their habits to your preference. Rather, you need to develop your courses according to their learning patterns. For that you have to conduct a thorough needs analysis and use your findings to design your courses better. Or else, you can’t solve the training and development challenges in your organization. Again, make courses interactive with texts, videos, and images. One other important factor is that not each of your employees is technologically sound on the same level. So you need to put focus on making your courses newbie-friendly so that everyone can gain access easily.

Solution: On Dozent LMS, learners have a clean and composed dashboard where they will have all the elements they need in order to complete the course. It also incorporates a focus mode to give your learners a distraction-free learning experience.

Challenge: Same training, different age group

There is a huge possibility that there are people from at least three generations who are working in your organization. Employees in their mid ages and employees who are millennials have a huge difference in their thought processing altogether. While middle-aged people give more importance to values and commitments, youngsters are more into breaking free and touching the sky. Evidently, the learning process will be completely different for these two generations. Employers need to identify these differences and design the courses according to that.

Solution: Dozent LMS has a user-friendly UI where anyone can perform anything irrespective of their learning curves. If you are ready to develop different courses for different age groups, Dozent LMS is ready to serve them to the fullest.

Wrapping Up

With the emergence of this changing needs, employers are facing new training and development challenges in their workplaces. But if they want to solve these issues with genuine sincerity, they can have a satisfied employee base who will significantly contribute to the ROI of their companies.

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